Jan 28th, 2016


About 8 months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in managing Logistics for a growing E-Commerce company in India. Logistics was something new and a little extra money didn’t harm & I said Yes.

Since I joined, the team size has more than doubled, the average time of delivery of products has around halved and new IT initiatives are in place or under implementation, the number of logistic partners have around doubled and new innovative models like aggregators, fulfilment centre’s are currently running. A slew of new initiatives is under-way to further improve efficiencies. The Logistic team is great.

The empowerment has worked wonders and overall, things are moving in the right direction.

At the same time, Samayla, has moved to the next phase and we should be going for a grand launch soon. Working on Samayla helped my day job. How? As many people sayyou can and should only do one thing at a time. For me, since Samayla was there, I couldn’t have slacked on my day job as questions would be raised. I ensured & learnt to make whatever time I spent, where ever I was spending it, more efficient. I was less concerned with the office politics, not that I noticed, but more concerned with doing what I was hired to do. And do it quickly and well.

The help, and the only help, Samayla got was the focus I brought in everytime I walked into a room.

Of course, this time was my personal time and the last year or eight months have been filled with numerous getaway’s to ensure burnout doesn’t happen. This includes the occasional game of golf, weekend trips and the occasional long trip like this one.

Not being free might have helped in a way that I didn’t get in the middle of my Samayla team. Similarly, I didn’t get in the middle of my day job team of around 50 people. Everyone benefited and the persistence paid off.


I am hoping something good will happen with Samayla in the next few weeks. I have a feeling this double thing isn’t going to last very long.


PS – Since I wrote this post, I have parted ways with my day job and am now focussing full time on getting Samayla to you. Just For You! 🙂