A question, which I am asked multiple times, is which product out of the many existing is better. Its like asking the father, is your baby fitter / more beautiful etc. etc. than the thousands of babies that are born everyday! It’s a stupid question. On top of that, they ask, why do you think it is better? It is like a baby.


Point is, a software product or any business is like a baby but is not a baby. Of course I’m attached and will defend the product which we have built but at the same time, I need to be open to feedback and be ready to open it up to people.

baby.jpegFATHER BABY

A thing which we did was hold a case study competition across the top B Schools of India where we got the teams to focus on the competitive analysis – where is our product better than competition or vice versa.

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There were two points which came up which were around ‘security’ and ‘user experience’. Since then, we have completely changed the user experience to make it simpler and intuitive which will be reflected in the next release which is expected at the end of this week. For security, we will be moving to AWS and getting the https tag along with a phone verification process immediately after this release.

There were a number of things highlighted where we were termed as better than our competition which includes established players but we will leave that discussion for a later stage.