Ref: http://monster-comic.com/?comic=delayed-reaction

Like the delayed reaction above, we are delayed. And some of this stuff keeps us going while we strive to put our best foot forward first.

The question, which almost everyone deals with at some point of time or the other, is when do you launch? Do wait to get the perfect product out or do you go to market with what you have?

On one side is the point of getting a better product out as it helps in referrals while the flip side is that you could go on forever and perfection is an endless quest.

On the second side, if you go to market sooner, you get feedback which can be further incorporated while the flip side is that that your product is unusable.

For us, the product is usable and we have people using it. But we are not happy with some UI things and basics like the tutorial section. While this was on, we decided to do a couple of features as well but we can sense the team is getting lazy and needs some market traction to show for their work. SOON. :))

Thank you for the patience, it’s not long before we come out with the public beta!

Till then…


Source: http://xkcd.com/1038/