So we filed a patent. Actually two, including one for design.

What does it really mean for us? A lot actually. It signifies a host of things:

  1. INNOVATION: Finding out that no one had a patent for some of the features we have was a big boost to our ‘innovation’ karma.
  2. CREDIBILITY: It brings credibility to our claim that we are actually getting something that no one has tried ever before.
  3. USER BEHAVIOUR: The potential customers understand that this is something new and are potentially more agreeable to explore and change; which is in any case the hardest task because of a factor called inertia.


So yes, we are happy about it. And so are our current users – who are using the product in the private beta stage. 3 organizations to be precise… A fourth one on-boards next week. It’s like a child which is slowly starting to crawl.


In addition, the next thing is the new website design with certain key changes getting ready for the launch. We are working on a bunch of things but that’s for discussion after the launch. And we are putting in our 101% to get the product to simplify your life ASAP. Soon.