So a few months back, one of our first customers from the private beta stage wanted to pay us for the value we were adding. Now this was a big thing coming from someone who had just started out in their own venture. We were still deciding on the pricing strategy. It reminded us what we needed to focus on and quoted a number. At the same time, even before the money hit the bank, we planted two saplings. Call it providence, the cost of the saplings came out to be exactly the same as the amount under question.

The saplings have now grown to around 5 feet and are flourishing in the monsoon rains.

The one on the right is expected to give some ripe mangoes and the one on the left is a Jamun or Jambul or Jamblang, as you may choose to call it.

They are being tended to by an expert gardener who waters them every alternate day, puts manure every month and is planning to add some natural pesticides like crushed Neem leaves etc. He has been directed to make it as organic as possible, considering the trees have been planted at the corner of a small children’s garden.

Trees, in some philosophy, have been considered to be like life. And like life, the deeper the roots, the taller the tree. In SamayLa’s context, we make task tree’s by dividing a task into smaller sub-tasks. Let’s take an example: Marketing. In simplistic terms, marketing activities are the ones where money goes out. They are supposed to support sales, which are activities which bring money in. This is a simplistic definition and does not do justice to an area which employs a sizeable chunk of the working economy.


Like the roots, there is a whole lot of work that goes behind a simple sounding activity like Marketing. Be it be positioning, or branding, or content development and so on and so forth. Through SamayLa, we can break it down into smaller tasks and control each of them such that it ‘feeds’ the sales and we can eat fruits.

In either case, we are happy to have planted two saplings to start with.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Team SamayLa