We are currently on-boarding a new organisation who is going to try the product for a small team of about 15 people. It is a potentially big lead for us with a potential user base of 5000 people. Now considering the above, in the entrepreneurial spirit, we should be all out to woo them. But they are asking our team to come down to their office and clarify doubts about certain features.

This got us thinking – they like the product; they started by requesting for 3 users and soon, we had registered upwards to 10 which then increased to 15. The team lead told us that they spent time – discussing & creating a work structure and liked the flexibility which the system offered. But they still had questions about the functionality. This irked us. It meant our tutorial video’s needed work. It’s a 5 minute video and feedback from some quarters is telling us that very few people have a 5 minute attention span. We are working on something intuitive to help first time users in on – boarding; the first step of which will be live tomorrow.

The bigger question: should we send our team to the office to give them a tutorial session. We certainly need to do something but, we believe, this is not a way forward. Going to a potential client’s office and helping them on-board will have implications. For the organisation, say all 5000 of them on-board, they will need to organise a session for on-boarding all of them. That is a number of man hours. There will be individual questions which will again slow the process down. There will be questions in the future for which, again there will be a session arranged. Is that efficient use of their time and our time?

And it’s not rocket science. Three simple steps:

  1. Create a task
  2. Create sub-tasks
  3. Assign responsibilities along with due dates.

BONUS: Say you have a bunch of sub-tasks which need to be assigned to a team. Just go to the parent task and PIN those users to a task. And voila, all sub tasks are now assigned to that user.

What we definitely need to do is ramp up the tutorial section or come up with intuitive ways for first time users for easy on-boarding. First step will happen by tomorrow – even before the requested session on Tuesday. So, we are saying ‘YES’ to the right thing.