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Live – WIRE

SamayLa went live in a public beta stage on Friday morning.

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It’s a great feeling and there’s a lot that went in behind the scenes to get this out to you.

Here’s a teaser video:


Here’s the team after putting in an all nighter – and thankfully, this was our first one.



In addition, we decided to do with a organising a corporate session with a some well-wishers who are currently running their own companies.


And then of course, we followed it up with a Kung Fu session for the member companies of the co-working space we are currently working out of. We invited Shifu Rajesh Kumar, a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior monk to talk to the members and share insights on how to work smartly, efficiently….the Kung Fu way!


The first step has been taken, now it’s onto the next one! 🙂



Of Patents & other things

So we filed a patent. Actually two, including one for design.

What does it really mean for us? A lot actually. It signifies a host of things:

  1. INNOVATION: Finding out that no one had a patent for some of the features we have was a big boost to our ‘innovation’ karma.
  2. CREDIBILITY: It brings credibility to our claim that we are actually getting something that no one has tried ever before.
  3. USER BEHAVIOUR: The potential customers understand that this is something new and are potentially more agreeable to explore and change; which is in any case the hardest task because of a factor called inertia.


So yes, we are happy about it. And so are our current users – who are using the product in the private beta stage. 3 organizations to be precise… A fourth one on-boards next week. It’s like a child which is slowly starting to crawl.


In addition, the next thing is the new website design with certain key changes getting ready for the launch. We are working on a bunch of things but that’s for discussion after the launch. And we are putting in our 101% to get the product to simplify your life ASAP. Soon.



Delayed Reactions



Like the delayed reaction above, we are delayed. And some of this stuff keeps us going while we strive to put our best foot forward first.

The question, which almost everyone deals with at some point of time or the other, is when do you launch? Do wait to get the perfect product out or do you go to market with what you have?

On one side is the point of getting a better product out as it helps in referrals while the flip side is that you could go on forever and perfection is an endless quest.

On the second side, if you go to market sooner, you get feedback which can be further incorporated while the flip side is that that your product is unusable.

For us, the product is usable and we have people using it. But we are not happy with some UI things and basics like the tutorial section. While this was on, we decided to do a couple of features as well but we can sense the team is getting lazy and needs some market traction to show for their work. SOON. :))

Thank you for the patience, it’s not long before we come out with the public beta!

Till then…



Everyone likes their own baby!

A question, which I am asked multiple times, is which product out of the many existing is better. Its like asking the father, is your baby fitter / more beautiful etc. etc. than the thousands of babies that are born everyday! It’s a stupid question. On top of that, they ask, why do you think it is better? It is like a baby.


Point is, a software product or any business is like a baby but is not a baby. Of course I’m attached and will defend the product which we have built but at the same time, I need to be open to feedback and be ready to open it up to people.

baby.jpegFATHER BABY

A thing which we did was hold a case study competition across the top B Schools of India where we got the teams to focus on the competitive analysis – where is our product better than competition or vice versa.

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There were two points which came up which were around ‘security’ and ‘user experience’. Since then, we have completely changed the user experience to make it simpler and intuitive which will be reflected in the next release which is expected at the end of this week. For security, we will be moving to AWS and getting the https tag along with a phone verification process immediately after this release.

There were a number of things highlighted where we were termed as better than our competition which includes established players but we will leave that discussion for a later stage.



Managing Two Things – A startup & a day Job

Jan 28th, 2016


About 8 months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in managing Logistics for a growing E-Commerce company in India. Logistics was something new and a little extra money didn’t harm & I said Yes.

Since I joined, the team size has more than doubled, the average time of delivery of products has around halved and new IT initiatives are in place or under implementation, the number of logistic partners have around doubled and new innovative models like aggregators, fulfilment centre’s are currently running. A slew of new initiatives is under-way to further improve efficiencies. The Logistic team is great.

The empowerment has worked wonders and overall, things are moving in the right direction.

At the same time, Samayla, has moved to the next phase and we should be going for a grand launch soon. Working on Samayla helped my day job. How? As many people sayyou can and should only do one thing at a time. For me, since Samayla was there, I couldn’t have slacked on my day job as questions would be raised. I ensured & learnt to make whatever time I spent, where ever I was spending it, more efficient. I was less concerned with the office politics, not that I noticed, but more concerned with doing what I was hired to do. And do it quickly and well.

The help, and the only help, Samayla got was the focus I brought in everytime I walked into a room.

Of course, this time was my personal time and the last year or eight months have been filled with numerous getaway’s to ensure burnout doesn’t happen. This includes the occasional game of golf, weekend trips and the occasional long trip like this one.

Not being free might have helped in a way that I didn’t get in the middle of my Samayla team. Similarly, I didn’t get in the middle of my day job team of around 50 people. Everyone benefited and the persistence paid off.


I am hoping something good will happen with Samayla in the next few weeks. I have a feeling this double thing isn’t going to last very long.


PS – Since I wrote this post, I have parted ways with my day job and am now focussing full time on getting Samayla to you. Just For You! 🙂

White sand, green clear water and business pivots

Jan 28, 2016

pic bo

As I sit on a beach (yes, that is a pic from the exact spot I was at!), there is some stuff that remains to go to market. The iOS app needs to get completed & tested, the android app needs some more testing, the organisation sign up process and the payment module remains and of course, the icing on the cake, the secret feature needs to be implemented across platforms. There is little time left, but hopefully we should be ready soon. To add value to your life, and to save time,,,which as I go on in life, I am understanidng is the most precious commodity.

I saw an article in a leading economic daily newspaper. Actually, it was more than an article; it was a whole page dedicated to the Enterprise Communication Market. And there are so many players, yet what is the secret ingredient that keeps us going? I wonder.

I am writing this on a vacation which co-incides, in a planned way, with my wedding anniversary. But more than anything, even though I have a long list to to-do’s before I started, the break is doing me good. I go back to a day job and have Samayla as well. We haven’t picked up any funding as such, but we have two angels investing their time and money to bring this to completion. At least one is investing both, our CTO and the other is only investing money in terms of providing a resource from his already existing organisation.

There is a stop over in Hong Kong, where I will try and meet few investors. BUt I wonder if Samayla in the form we envisage, could have helped us in this trip. We believe it could have and will…..soon!


And there might be things which will happen which will change a lot of things which we have planned. But that’s the fun of it. We have discovered something, which will soon be live, which could add a lot more value in the short to medium term. But then, there is no point talking in riddles. We will be live soon….on iOS, Android & the web and will come out with more announcements in the coming few weeks.


Long Description for App on ‘Google Play Store’

Samayla = ‘Samay’ + ‘La’. Samay is the Hindi word for ‘Time’ and ‘La’ in Hindi means ‘Get’. In Chinese, ‘La’ refers to the life force which moves around a human body. So, SamayLa means ‘Get Time’. And we like the Chinese connotation.

life force

Samayla is a TASK LIST MANAGER which allows teams to work together by aligning the members by tasks. As a COLLABORATION TOOL, it serves as one communication channel replacing emails, project management systems and instant messaging tools. It also acts as a FILE SHARING SYSTEM, allowing you to organise your google drive and dropbox files by work streams. Apart from this, it is synced across various platforms and is hosted on the cloud thus, eliminating the need for multiple communication channels and thus, reducing noise. It saves time in organizing your mind space and thus, allowing you to focus on the immediate tasks at hand.

The analytics engine built in automatically highlights the tasks which are nearing completion dates and the notifications ensure no deadlines go missing. Apart from this, the activity feed ensures you have a track of all that is happening in your organisation. It is a CEO’s tool which allows one to micromanage or not manage at all. It is also a boon for entrepreneurs dabbling in various ideas and is essentially a tool to GET THINGS DONE – QUICKLY!

mind space

The archive function ensures that nothing goes missing and one doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel, for lack of records, while re-doing a project which was done 1 year ago! It can also be used as a personal planner or a group planner, e.g., while organising a trip with friends to France, or your next skiing holiday with family!

Simplicity being the USP, we have consciously not compromised on UI for features. The steps are as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Create parent level tasks (categories).

2. Assign them to team members responsible (& pin them to the task!)

3. Create sub tasks & assign due dates.

We hope to save you a lot of time and that’s why the name, SamayLa!


The Founders

Short Description for the app for ‘Google Play Store’


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simple life


follow tasks



Opening: PHP, HTML & CSS Champs Only!

Are you this guy?


Are you one of them?


Seriously, all of them are magicians with HTML 5, CSS 3, have worked on responsive websites, PHP core, MVC frameworks and have managed web-hosting. They have total ownership and can spring up things in days when any stud coder would take weeks. They not only think about the technical aspects but also about the business implications and take initiative.

If you think you are anywhere close and you think you can do what has never been done before, then you are invited to talk to us!

Hashtags for current qualifications in the team include (not limited to):
#IIT Delhi Computer Science  #Yale #IIT (BHU), Varanasi #IIM Calcutta #Acclaimed Designer #7 Startups between founders #Proven apple team with 7 successful products

Location: No bar.


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